Extreme Sports Require Extreme Eye Protection: How To Care For Your 509 Goggles

18 August 2018
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If you're active in outdoor sports such as off-roading or snowboarding, you need a good set of 509 goggles. Not only will they protect your eyes from harm, they'll also ensure a clear view of path you're on. Once you have your 509 goggles, it's crucial that you provide them with proper care. After all, you're investing in your vision. Here are four important steps you should take to protect your goggles.

Always Carry in the Protective Pouch

When you receive your 509 goggles, they'll come in a protective pouch. The one thing you want to remember is that you should always carry your goggles in that pouch. The protective pouch provides a safe and secure way to transport your goggles. However, it also serves as the perfect material to wipe your goggles down with. In fact, the protective pouch is designed to serve as a cleaning cloth for your goggles. By keeping your goggles in the pouch when they're not on you're face, you'll be sure to always have your cleaning cloth with you.

Keep Away from Direct Heat

Your 509 goggles are going to be nearly indestructible. They need to be if they're going to protect your eyes from harm. However, there are still some things that can damage your goggles. One of those things is direct heat. If your goggles are exposed to direct heat, you're going to see some bubbling on the lenses and on the protective lens coating. Unfortunately, that bubbling will interfere with your ability to see properly when wearing the goggles. To avoid that damage, always keep your goggles away from direct heat sources.

Clean Your Goggles Properly

When it comes to cleaning your goggles, it's important to remember that there's a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way is to use harsh cleaning chemicals and rough cleaning rags. Using that method to clean your goggles will ruin them. The right way is to simply rinse your goggles in clear water to remove the dirt, shake them off a bit, and then carefully blot the lenses with your travel pouch.

Take Care When Removing Ice

If you're going to be using your goggles during winter sports, chances are good that you'll end up with some ice packs at least once or twice. When you do encounter ice on your goggles, don't try to chip away at it. That's a good way to scratch your lenses. Instead, breathe on your goggles to warm the ice, and then carefully wipe it away once it's melted.

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